Home Care Instructions


1. Walking is good. But listen to your body. Rest if you are getting sorer.

2.Sitting is bad. Divide your time up between walking as much as you comfortably can and lying flat on your back using ice.

3. Use ice. Apply for 15 to 20 minutes, remove for at least an hour, and repeat.

4. Use a lumbar support belt. Effective for the first three days after your injury, but should be weaned off ASAP.

5. Avoid twisting. Keep your hips and shoulders pointed in the same direction as much as possible.

6. Use Biofreeze. Usage of similar products such as Bengay and IcyHot is also effective.

7. Use anti-inflammatory drugs. Taking them before bed is better than taking them during the day. Plain ibuprofen seems to work the best.  Be sure to talk to your pharmacist and/or medical doctor if you are on any other medications.

8. If back pain persists for more than three days, see your chiropractor.