Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Our patients tell us we are different than other offices they have visited in the past. Here is what they say…

“…He doesn’t push useless visits on you. When he’s done the most he can for you, he lets you know..”
-Dale Spaeth, West Bend

“I went to multiple doctors before I came to Dr. Dave, and I just didn’t believe that anyone could help me. When my husband finally convinced me to come to the Brouillette Back and Neck Clinic, I still didn’t think that he would be able to help my frozen shoulder. But Dr. Dave proved me wrong! I couldn’t believe the results I had! The adjustments and therapy I received took away two-thirds of my pain and greatly increased my range of motion. I love that when I need to, I can call and get in right away. The staff is just great and always there for you. I have recommended many people and will continue to do so. I will never go anywhere else!”
-Kim DeSmidt, Plymouth

“A literal ‘pain in the neck’ became debilitating over the course of a weekend. By Monday morning I was unable to comfortably turn my head to the right and suffered from pain not only in my neck, but also the right side of my skull. Dr. Dave treated me with adjustments and electric stimulation therapy. The results were amazing. I recovered 100% and felt like myself again! Many of the people I work with are patients of Dr. Dave and I would definitely recommend more people to come here. The entire staff is very warm and fuzzy, empathetic, and just wonderful all around. I love the fact that I can call and get in the same day!”
-Penny Fransee, Saukville

“I just had my third child and I had unbearable hip pain. After 15 months of pain I realized it was not going away. I went to Dr. Dave and after my first adjustment I stepped off the table and I had absolutely no pain in my hip. I am very impressed with his work…”
- Patty Vichich, Saukville

“…It is close to home and very convenient for me to go there, and I can get in right away without waiting…”
-Dan Paulus, Fredonia

“…I’ve recommended lots of people to him and they are also very happy with their results. Everyone thinks that the staff is great, friendly, and wonderful.”
-Sue Saupe, Fredonia

“…I enjoy the staff because they are so friendly. Brouillette Back & Neck Clinic is kind of like the show Cheers, everybody knows your name! They know who I am when I walk in the door, and they are on a first name basis with everyone!”
-Tracey Elbe, West Bend